Laser energized water, replaces the the conventional drill in many instances. Since there is no heat or vibration, “LASER” reduces the need for needles and anesthesia. The benefits of the laser for you and the dentist are endless. The “LASER” can be used for Soft Tissue treatments without a shot and therefore causing no pain. The healing process is faster since the “LASER” seals off the blood vessels and nerve endings. Hard Tissue treatment or the removal of tooth structure from a cavity can now be performed by our “LASER”. This “LASER” is now replacing the older conventional therapies with a painless approach to dental treatment.

Hard Tissue Advantages

IMG_7824ccThere are many advantages in using a “LASER”:
1. In about 75% of the cases, you do not need a shot.
2. If you’re an apprehensive patient, there is no shrieking sound
of the drill.
3. The cavity preprations are smaller, therefore keeping as
much of the good tooth structure as possible.
4. There are no microfractures from the vibration and movement
of the high speed drill.
5. There is much less heat given off than a conventional drill. Therefore, there will be less of
a chance of disrupting the good health of the tooth.
6. The uncomfortable “vibration feeling” from the conventional drill is gone, therefore you will
be more comfortable and less apprehensive.
7. Due to the Laser, the smear layer is removed, thereby creating a greater bond strength
between the white filling and tooth structure.
8. Teeth that are extremely sensitive to cold can be desensitized in a few minutes. There is
no shot with this treatment.

Soft Tissue Advantages

sg-21Most of these procedures are without a shot and little or no bleeding;

1. Swollen Gums – removal of swollen tissue This happens when the gums are inflamed due
to poor oral hygiene, systemic diseases, and medications.
2. Removing gum – Reshaping the tissue This can be done for esthetic reshaping proportions
(smile lines) and access to decay.
3. Biopsies – The removal of unhealthy tissue that requires to be evaluated by a pathologist.
The tissue will heal faster than conventional surgical procedures.
4. Removal of the frenum – This is done when the attachment is affecting speech and the
esthetic position of teeth.
5. Removal of Sores – The “LASER” can be used on cold sores, and canker sores. It will
promote quicker healing and less pain of these unsightly sores.


A diagnosis has been made that you have periodontal disease. It affects about 80% of the adult population when you have a periodontal pocket of 3mm. or greater. Some clinical signs that you may be complaining about are bleeding gums, bad odor, bad taste and painful teeth. Your dentist is recommending, a conservative non surgical approach which would correct the periodontal pockets. First, your dentist or hygienist would “Scale” to remove all calculus and debris so the area is clean of all the irritants. Then we would follow with the “LASER” in the pockets so the area becomes clean and sterile by killing the bad bacteria. The last part of the treatment is we place medicine


We can use the “LASER” for root canal therapy. The “LASER” can remove nerve tissue but at the same time it seals the nerve and blood vessels, therefore causing less post operative pain and better healing. It will also sterilize the lateral walls so no bacteria is remaining and the success of the root canal is increased.


laser-4The DIAGNOdent™ is a reliable, non-invasive supplement to the contemporary dentist’s arsenal of diagnostic procedures and is highly effective in detecting caries at an early stage where teeth are most vulnerable.
This new laser assists in the diagnosis and location of a cavity. It sends a beam of laser light and evaluates if there are any cavities within the tooth. Even very small lesions are detected at the earliest stage, enabling you to protect and preserve the tooth substance.





It’s the fastest, most effective and most comfortable whitening system ever.

The “photo-fenton” reaction of peroxide and iron produces hydroxyl radicals, a.k.a. “stain terminators.” This light reaction cyclically renews the iron, so it continues to produce hydroxyl radicals, significantly enhancing whitening results
33% Faster Results – An average of 8 shades in just 45 minutes.
Easier – Advanced optical guidance system ensures quick, precise patient set-up for optimal results.